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Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles  to effect a therapeutic change.

Acupuncture is one modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a full system of medicine approaching your care from a different perspective. Acupuncture may be your choice of healthcare for almost any complaint.


​Any of the following may bring you in the door but we will address so much more.

  • Pain reduction, back, joint, postsurgical, headache...

  • Prevention 

  • Emotional well being

  • Digestive issues

  • Injury's

  • Bells Palsy / trigeminal neuralgia

Facial Pain

Previous to, and through her higher education Stephanie was an expanded duties orthodontic assistant. Her experience is extensive and included making orthodontic study models, placing all braces and applinaces, bending wires and more.  Her experience in the dental world combined with indepth knowledge of facial acupuncture has contributed to her interest in, and ability to work with facial pain reduction. 

Individual session

Community Acupuncture

In this private session you can expect a thorough intake and assessment of your current needs. In each session your treatment may include acupuncture, massage, topical oils or poultice, cupping, gua sha, heat treatment, and always, compassion.                          

Community acupuncture is a wonderful way to have continuity of care without breaking the bank. Multiple people receive care together. In this session you may receive auricular (ear) acupuncture as well as body acupuncture on arms and legs. Many health issues can be addressed without disrobing.                    

 This is an outdoor summer offering.

This link is to an older video but gives you the concept.

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