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Individual session, general health and well being

In this private session you can expect a thorough intake and assessment of your current needs. In each session your treatment may include acupuncture, massage, topical oils or poultice, cupping, gua sha, heat treatment and always, compassion.                        

  • Pain reduction chronic or acute, facial or body

  • Prevention of further disharmony

  • Emotional well being

  • Digestive issues

  • Injury support

TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is a wonderful way to have continuity of care without breaking the bank. Multiple people receive care together. In this session you may receive auricular (ear) acupuncture as well as body acupuncture on arms and legs. Many health issues can be addressed without disrobing.       

 Couples Session 

This is a smaller version of a community session with indepth treatment of individual appointments. 

These are outdoor summer offerings.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture CFA

Okay, not for dogs, but I couldn't resist!

While the goal of cosmetic acupuncture is facial beauty, we still address your underlying health conditions. The healthier you are, the more vibrant you will feel and look. A facial acupuncture session will focus on the skin and muscular system of your face, as well as your traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. A session may include the insertion of very fine needles, facial cupping or gua sha, LED light, exfoliation, microcurrent, lymphatic drainage, dietary suggestions and at home recommendations.   


Best results are seen with ten weekly consecutive sessions followed with bi-weekly maintenance sessions.                          

"No Frills" Facial

Most common issues:

  • Droopy eyes

  • Under eye puffiness

  • Dark under eyes

  • Forehead creasing

  • Skin laxity

  • Loss of jaw line definition

  • Wrinkles

In addition to your community session or your individual health care session, we can add a mini facial. Small needles inserted at specific locations on the face without the microcurrent, gua sha and the other aspects of a custom facial session. This serves to support muscle and ligament health.


Microneedling is the modern version of what has been known in the TCM world as Plum blossom needling.  It is also called "Collagen induction therapy". Very small needles are used to penetrate the skin to a depth of .5 to 2 millimeters. This small disturbance stimulates the skin to enhance collagen production. Topical serums such as hyaluronic acid can be introduced during the session to increase this reaction.   

Microneedling sessions are scheduled monthly. Results are more effective after seven sessions. 


Microneedling can be used to:

  • Increase skin tone

  • Increase thickness of eyebrows

  • Increase hair growth on the scalp

  • Reduce appearance of pores

  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles

  • Reduce some forms of acne 

  • Reduce scarring

Cellulite reduction 

With the use of red light, manual therapy, and topical application, the appearance of thigh and buttock cellulite reduction is accomplished through a series of sessions.                                   $90

Animal Acupuncture

Just as you and I, our animal friends and family need assistance from time to time. We all get aches and pains. We all need some TLC.

Small animals: Dogs, cats, shorn sheep


Acupuncture or light therapy are frequently used to assist in the treatment of:

  • Facial paralysis

  • Intervertebral disc disease

  • Joint pain

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Seizure disorder                     

Acupuncture has been used to assist equine with the following conditions:

  • Laminitis

  • Navicular syndrome

  • Tendonitis

  • Rhabdomylysis/Tying up

  • Low back pain

  • Splints

  • Colic

  • Facial paralysis                      

Currently the law in Arizona requires a referral from your veterinarian to your licensed acupuncturist. Your acupuncturist must have the status of Fellow of the American Board of Animal Acupuncture.  

Fee Schedule


Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

A la carte                                    $200

Series of 7 prepaid                   $1,225

Series of 10 prepaid                 $1,500

Combination packages

A. 7 Custom CFA                       $1,650

     3 Micro & nano needling

B. 10 Custom CFA                     $1.890

     3 Micro & Nano needling

Micro & Nano needling

With Hyaluronic acid & stem cell, peptide or vitamin C serums

A la carte                     $325

Series of 5 prepaid    $1,375

Series of 10 prepaid   $2,250    

General well-being                $75

Community Acupuncture     $25

Couples session                     $130 

Add "No frills facial"             + $25

Animal Acupuncture

Dog house call           $80 

Dog in office                $65

Barn call                      $80

Fee is per animal

(add-on for distance beyond 15 miles)


Introduction to TCM                     $50

Small animal acupressure           $50

Equine Acupressure                     $50

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