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I've been a patient of Stephanie Selman for 10 years. Her technique has brought me healing and comfort. Acupuncture is more than technical skill; it's also intuition and empathy. Stephanie brings an abundance of both resulting in high-level care. 


Recently, I asked Stephanie to treat my dog Mason who was at the end of life due to kidney failure. Mason was always happy to see her and even planted himself near her when his treatment would begin. She was there for us on his last day and brought both Mason and I a great deal of comfort.


I highly recommend Stephanie for her skill and compassion. 




I have been visiting Stephanie Selman for Acupuncture treatment for twelve years. I was experiencing severe neck pain, due to an injury, with restricted movement. My primary caregiver recommended Stephanie with high praises and utmost respect. During my first session, I found Stephanie confident and she explained every step of the treatment as the session progressed. I have had several medical procedures in the last few years and Stephanie always researches and determines the most helpful and curing treatment for each situation. She is kind, caring, and always competent for every treatment that she provides. Above all else, I am comfortable during each session and put my trust in her incredible knowledge and gentle approach with each acupuncture treatment.


Stephanie has supported my physical and emotional health for over 15 years with her knowledge of the deeper truths of the body.  Her use of Acupuncture in community sessions has been a powerful support of my wellness process.  



A few years ago I met Stephanie Selman at North Country Healthcare.  I had a severe case of shingles pain at that time. The pain started on my right side and wrapped around my back. The pain was so intense just the simple act of dressing was pure agony. I tried all forms of medications. Lyrica was helpful but expensive and had side effects. When I first started with Stephanie, my pain was easily at 8-9 out of 10. There was minimal discomfort with the procedure. I felt relaxed and totally calm. The pain didn't magically disappear over night. It took steady sessions; my pain reduced over each passing week. I'm happy to report, my pain reduced down to 1-2 out of 10 and maintained with intermittent sessions.  Most days I don't feel pain.

Wow! I thank the Lord that I met Stephanie. She gave me back the comforts of life again. I certainly recommend Stephanie Selman and acupuncture. It worked for me. Thank you Steph.

Richard T.

I first started seeing Stephanie for extreme foot pain. I had been told by a foot specialist that I would require surgery. A friend suggested that I see Stephanie for acupuncture. After only 3 sessions I was walking with little to no pain. As I continued maintenance on my feet I realized how much the rest of my body and mind was improving by seeing Stephanie. My husband also had great results after Stephanie treated his shoulder and knee pain. She is excellent with her acupuncture techniques and has a wonderful, positive personality that contributes to the whole acupuncture experience.


Claudia L.

I recently lost my black lab Mollie who suffered, as so many 13 year old dogs do, from arthritis.  She had it all over and life became more difficult as she aged.  However, it gives me great joy to know that the last months of her life were made more comfortable by the deft, loving care of Stephanie Selman. Regular acupuncture treatments and implementation of the techniques I learned in Stephanie's canine acupressure class helped to relieve my sweet old girl's pain and improve her overall quality of life.  I am forever grateful for this gift.  Since then I have witnessed Stephanie treat horses with an array of challenges, a beloved aged feline, and a small dog recovering from a broken leg.  She even helped me get out of a brace after a knee strain. At Full Spectrum,  Stephanie creates an easy, accessible, yet professional experience for anyone seeking relief through acupuncture.  



Carrie C.

Stephanie was recommended to me many years ago to help me deal with surgical complications and resulting chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia issues. Over the years, her holistic treatment and suggestions have drastically improved or eliminated much of my chronic pain as well as the anxiety and depression that can be associated with such conditions. Not only excellent at what she does, Stephanie is also a very compassionate provider and spends the time necessary to help clients feel comfortable and well-cared for.


Currently, I am seeing her for facial rejuvenation and the results have been impressive. 


I don't know that I will ever be able to thank Stephanie enough for her knowledgeable, kind, and caring therapeutic interventions over the years.

Karen B.

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